Karen Joseph Testimonial

“Thank you for the most stunning photographs I have ever seen.  They are awesome beyond description!!! You ARE the best photographer in the world!  I don’t have a moments regret that I followed Dirk’s advice and had photographs taken before the ceremony.

Dirk, the videographer and I met on Camps Bay beach at 11am.  Paul joined us at 12 and we spent hours cavorting on the beach.  It was so special and intimate and Paul had hours to admire my dream dress without us worrying about guest waiting for us.  The atmosphere was totally relaxed with no need to be concerned about the light going or that we were keeping our guests waiting.

Around 3.30 our family members joined us for photo’s and afterwards we went to the church, where my husband waited for me as tradition dictates.  Still in the afterglow of our wonderful photo session, we felt radiantly in love.

Half an hour after the ceremony we were able to join our guests at the reception.  We again followed Dirk’s advice and moved straight onto the dance floor to enjoy our first dance.  The guests joined us as the second song began to play.  After the fifth dance all speeches and formalities were concluded and we could all relax and enjoy ourselves together.

Paul and I would encourage everybody to have their photographs taken before the ceremony.  Every photograph is a masterpiece and your advice was invaluable.”

Philip & Wilene Collins Testimonial

“This was possibly the best choice we made on our wedding day, apart from having Dirk take my photos of cause!  I was very skeptical and wanted to do the traditional thing, BUT….The value Philip and I got out of this is that we were able to spend very special time together.  I watch brides and grooms at weddings and they NEVER get time to enjoy each others company on the day.  Philip was still overwhelmed when he saw me the “first time!” When I look at our emotions on the photos, I can see that we are peaceful and at ease with each other – no staring guests!

By the time I walked down the isle, I was a confident and content bride – I had spent time with Philip and did not mind the lack of time spend together the rest of the evening.

Another plus point was that we were able to join our guests shortly after the ceremony and Dirk was able to take photos (in the daylight) of us amongst our friends and family.

Thanks for suggesting this – it has added a special touch to our day.”

Claire and Mark Upton Testimonial

“Mark and I met with Dirk about 2 months before our wedding.  He mentioned that he would highly recommend having our photos taken before the ceremony.  The reasons he gave was that obviously he would have a lot more time to get awesome photos but that mainly it would give Mark and I some time to connect with each other before the hectic day ahead.  My initial reaction was that I would prefer to see Mark at the end of the aisle as that had always been a part of my traditionalist fantasy.  However, after giving it some thought and knowing how emotional Mark and I can be we decided that this could be a great idea as it would give us time to prepare for the day together.  It also forced us to ensure that everything else was organized or delegated as on the day all we had time for was to get ready and have our photos taken before the ceremony.

Our wedding was at 3.30 but having photos before meant that we had to be ready for Dirk at 10.30/11.00.  Dirk arrived and took photos of my family and I before seeing Mark.  He then got Mark and I to close our eyes and walk towards each other and proceeded to capture our initial connection on film, which was awesome.  We had numerous photos together and family members that were there could also have their photos done at the same time.  The result of having our photos before was that we have so many fantastic photos that really captured the essence of the day far better than would have been possible had we only had 1-2 hours after the ceremony.  We also didn’t need to worry about the weather as we had the whole morning until 2 pm to get all the photos taken.  After the ceremony this also meant there were fewer photos to be taken and guests would not be kept waiting for so long.

We can highly recommend having your photos taken before the ceremony as by the time we got to the church we were excited to see everyone and have a great party together.  Had we not seen each other before I know that we would have tried to find time to connect with each other, which would have been difficult.  Another great advantage of using this option is that it feels like your wedding is the whole day rather than just a few hours and we had a lot more time to soak up the best day of our lives.  Should you decide to use this option, I would highly recommend that you have everything organized before the big day.  Also only have a few family members as it is a very emotional time and the more peaceful the time the better.  Make sure you know all the locations you would like to go to have the photos taken and let Dirk know so that he can plan his day accordingly.  Also have a time that you would like to stop the photos as it is essential that you have time before the ceremony to freshen up and relax before going to the church.”

Monique van der Westhuizen Testimonial

“Why rush the only time you have in your entire life to take perfect photos?  I realized after my wedding that you don’t always have to do what your ancestors thought was tradition, but do what will make you happy in the end.  My husband and I took our photos before our wedding ceremony.  If I had to do the same thing over again I would not think twice about it.  To be with someone you love, to hug and kiss before going to church, making the photos so much more real and reflecting our true feelings to one another is a memory forever.  We had the time in a relaxed atmosphere.  We shared more intimacy in those two hours than in the whole wedding.

It just makes perfect sense.  Photos are all you have left after your wedding.  Having Dirk Visser on hand makes for some pretty amazing photo opportunities.  Another good idea, also not according to tradition is to dance once you walk into the reception area.  The people are more relaxed and can enjoy the night much earlier.

Do what is best for you and the people you love.  Enjoy every single moment….”

Liezel & Patrick Testimonial

Dear Dirk

Firstly we would like to thank you & your company for the wonderful work you did on my wedding day on the 1st April 2006.  The photographs were amazing & I would recommend your company to one & all.

We would like to let you know that I should have taken your recommendation of having my pictures taken before the service.  I know at the time of our discussions I did feel that your suggestion of starting with my photos 3 to 4 hours before the service seemed much to early.

My regrets on not taking your advice are many.  Between the make-up & hairdresser running late I just didn’t give you the time to display your full expertise.  I felt rushed & didn’t have any time to relax before arriving at the church.  At the church I lost the time to chat to my family, especially my father, and the time to unwind & reflect on my special day.  Instead I felt stressed & hurried as I went down the aisle, half an hour late I might add.

Reflecting on your suggestion of having Patrick & my wedding photos done well before the service, I regret not accepting this advice either.  If we had, I think we both would have looked more calm & relaxed.  I also felt that we lost that special time with our guests by going off to have our photos done as a couple & not socializing with them during the eats in the garden area after the service.

Again I say we are happy with the outcome but if I had my day over, I would have taken all your recommendations.  I hope this letter will persuade your clients to listen to the master & have their photos done well before the time or to give more than enough hours before the actual service.

Many thanks

Liezel & Patrick

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