Karen Joseph Testimonial

by VisionAdmin on March 7, 2012

“Thank you for the most stunning photographs I have ever seen.  They are awesome beyond description!!! You ARE the best photographer in the world!  I don’t have a moments regret that I followed Dirk’s advice and had photographs taken before the ceremony.

Dirk, the videographer and I met on Camps Bay beach at 11am.  Paul joined us at 12 and we spent hours cavorting on the beach.  It was so special and intimate and Paul had hours to admire my dream dress without us worrying about guest waiting for us.  The atmosphere was totally relaxed with no need to be concerned about the light going or that we were keeping our guests waiting.

Around 3.30 our family members joined us for photo’s and afterwards we went to the church, where my husband waited for me as tradition dictates.  Still in the afterglow of our wonderful photo session, we felt radiantly in love.

Half an hour after the ceremony we were able to join our guests at the reception.  We again followed Dirk’s advice and moved straight onto the dance floor to enjoy our first dance.  The guests joined us as the second song began to play.  After the fifth dance all speeches and formalities were concluded and we could all relax and enjoy ourselves together.

Paul and I would encourage everybody to have their photographs taken before the ceremony.  Every photograph is a masterpiece and your advice was invaluable.”

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