Liezel & Patrick Testimonial

by VisionAdmin on March 7, 2012

Dear Dirk

Firstly we would like to thank you & your company for the wonderful work you did on my wedding day on the 1st April 2006.  The photographs were amazing & I would recommend your company to one & all.

We would like to let you know that I should have taken your recommendation of having my pictures taken before the service.  I know at the time of our discussions I did feel that your suggestion of starting with my photos 3 to 4 hours before the service seemed much to early.

My regrets on not taking your advice are many.  Between the make-up & hairdresser running late I just didn’t give you the time to display your full expertise.  I felt rushed & didn’t have any time to relax before arriving at the church.  At the church I lost the time to chat to my family, especially my father, and the time to unwind & reflect on my special day.  Instead I felt stressed & hurried as I went down the aisle, half an hour late I might add.

Reflecting on your suggestion of having Patrick & my wedding photos done well before the service, I regret not accepting this advice either.  If we had, I think we both would have looked more calm & relaxed.  I also felt that we lost that special time with our guests by going off to have our photos done as a couple & not socializing with them during the eats in the garden area after the service.

Again I say we are happy with the outcome but if I had my day over, I would have taken all your recommendations.  I hope this letter will persuade your clients to listen to the master & have their photos done well before the time or to give more than enough hours before the actual service.

Many thanks

Liezel & Patrick

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