Philip & Wilene Collins Testimonial

by VisionAdmin on March 7, 2012

“This was possibly the best choice we made on our wedding day, apart from having Dirk take my photos of cause!  I was very skeptical and wanted to do the traditional thing, BUT….The value Philip and I got out of this is that we were able to spend very special time together.  I watch brides and grooms at weddings and they NEVER get time to enjoy each others company on the day.  Philip was still overwhelmed when he saw me the “first time!” When I look at our emotions on the photos, I can see that we are peaceful and at ease with each other – no staring guests!

By the time I walked down the isle, I was a confident and content bride – I had spent time with Philip and did not mind the lack of time spend together the rest of the evening.

Another plus point was that we were able to join our guests shortly after the ceremony and Dirk was able to take photos (in the daylight) of us amongst our friends and family.

Thanks for suggesting this – it has added a special touch to our day.”

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